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Welcome to Our Web Site, here you will find all the information about the Exotic Drink Brand, Simply The best soft drinks you can find on the market, 100% natural flavors, No added sugar, no colorants and no chemicals, 50% Fruit!!! it is a mixture of tropical and exotic fruits blends that you will love!!!!


Exotic Tea

Exotic-Drink® has the most unique, Healthy and delicios soft drinks 

Made from Ingredients 100% Naturals

Black tea drinks with unique exotic fruit mixtures. Exotic Tea will provide the health and refreshing taste you need anytime, anywhere. Forget the guilty pleasures, just delight yourself with our low calories teas, and your body will be grateful for it! 

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Exotic Juice

Exotic-Drink® brings the most delicios and functional soft drinks 

Up to 50% Fruit

The perfect balance between healthy and tasty. Feel nature in our bottles, 50% of fruit with all the minerals and vitamins your body could ask for in just a sip. Break free and drink up!    

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Sugar Cane Lemonade

Exotic-Drink® the perfect and most delicious combination of natural Sugar Cane and Lemon;

Natural and refreshing

Our sugar cane lemonade is the perfect combination of fresh organic sugar cane juice combined with natural lemon extract    

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About Us

We are a Belgian | Colombian company, who develop an all-natural line of beverages, we are committed to the freshness and quality of our drinks, focused on healthy lifestyle, with the best flavor of the natural fruit.

Where is possible we buy directly from the farmer and also maintain a strong and social connection with them to ensure a sustainable farming model and working relationship.

All the fruits used in our beverages are produced and grown by small farms, most of them using organic farming methods. Exotic Drink’s mission is to inspire others to believe, create and build their dreams, our mission is to create a powerful network-marketing that promotes the well-being and healthy lifestyle.

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