White Fruits Tea

A refreshing blend of black tea known to be a tremendous source of potent antioxidants. Vital for health and wellness, antioxidants encourage a strong immune system, disable free radicals, improve cardiovascular health, also with a pleasant flavor of natural Soursop and Coconut, that adds to our tea essential vitamins and minerals


FR/ Ingrédients: eau (86%), fructose (0,2%), concentré de thé arôme naturel (0,5%), corossol, noix de coco (0,4%), acide citrique (0,3%),
NL/ Ingrediënten: water (86%), fructose (0,2%), thee-extract natuurlijke smaak (0,5%), zuurzak en coco (0,4%), Citric Acid (0,3%),
EN/ Ingredients: water (86%), fructose (0,2%), natural flavor tea extract (0,5%) soursop and coconut (0,4%), Citric Acid (0,3%),

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